Flávio V. Meirelles

Full Professor of Cell Biology & Development, FZEA/USP
Member of the Coordinating Committee (Veterinary Medicine) of FAPESP
Associate editor of Genetics And Molecular Research

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1989-1993 Graduated in Veterinary Medicine, São Paulo State University, Brazil
1994-1996 Master Thesis in Reproduction, University of Montreal, Canada
1997-1999 PhD in Genetics, Medical Scholl of Ribeirão Preto, University of  São Paulo
2004 Full Professor, University of São Paulo, USP, Brazil

Research Interests  

Cytoplasmic inheritance
Nuclear Reprograming
Animal Genetics
Mitochondrial genome
Embryonic genome activation

Research Overview   Since the last 20 years we have focused on understanding the process of cytoplasmic inheritance. We have successfully created animal models to study mtDNA inheritance, and its related cell death process during early embryo development, which allowed us to develop a patent on SCNT animal production. We also dedicated to understand the process of cytoplasmic inheritance and its effect on nuclear reprograming, especially on the imprinting modifications after in vitro manipulation such as cloning or reprograming somatic cells.
Recently we developed an interesting method for depletion of specific organelles or compounds in oocytes, zygotes or cells that allowed us to test for their effect on embryogenesis and to introduce other organelles or compounds (we did it on mitochondria and we are now testing on lipid granules) in order to partially control their inheritance. Within the next 11 years, we will together with the CTC group continue to work on this area willing to evaluate the production of reprogrammed cells to autologous cell therapy and to control the cytoplasmic inheritance in order to apply to cell based therapy.
Lab Staff  

Pos Docs
Marcos Roberto Chiaratti, PhD
Lilian de Jesus Oliveira,PhD
José Rodrigo V. Pimentel, PhD

Fabiana Fernandes Bressan,MSc
Reno Roldi Araujo, MSc
Rodrigo Barreto, MSc
Rafael Sampaio, MSc
Juliano Sangalli, MSc
Pedro Ratto Pires, MSc

Lais Vicari Pessoa, DVM
Gabriella Mamede Andrade, DVM


Claudia Lima Verde Leal, PhD
Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio, PhD
Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Felipe Perecin, PhD
Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Heidge Fukumasu
Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Maria Angélica Miglino
Universidade Federal de São Paulo
FMVZ – Programa de Pós Graduação em Anatomia

International Collaborators  

Joanna Poulton, PhD
Professor of Genetics
Univ. of Oxford,

Lawrence Charles Smith, PhD
Full Professor – Canadian Chair of Animal Cloning
Université de Montréal

Willian Allan King
Full Professor – Canadian Chair of Animal Biotechnology
Guelph – ON Canada

Facilities Coordination   Embryo Manipulation Facilities including IVF Laboratory, Cell sorting, Basic Molecular Biology lab.
Animal Hospital Facility dedicated for Innovative Therapy.
Selected Publications  

1. BRESSAN, Fabiana Fernandes ; Dos Santos Miranda, Moyses ; PERECIN, Felipe ; De Bem, Tiago Henrique ; Pereira, Flavia Thomaz Verechia ; Russo-Carbolante, Elisa Maria ; Alves, Daiani ; Strauss, Bryan ; Bajgelman, Marcio ; Krieger, José Eduardo ; Binelli, Mario ; Meirelles, Flavio Vieira . Improved Production of Genetically Modified Fetuses with Homogeneous Transgene Expression After Transgene Integration Site Analysis and Recloning in Cattle. Cellular Reprogramming (Formerly Cloning and Stem Cells), v.13 (1) p.29-36, 2011.
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