Workshop on Hematology

The University of São Paulo and the Université Sorbonne-Paris-Cité are establishing strong academic cooperation on several fields of knowledge.  Recently, an International Research Network on Hematology has been created, engaging professors, researchers and postgraduate students of USP and USPC for the development of projects on sickle cell anemia, bone marrow transplantation and

1hematopoietic failure. These projects involve both basic research in the laboratory and clinical research for the development of new diagnoses and treatments for people who suffer from these diseases.

On September 3, USP and USPC held in Ribeirão Preto a workshop on Hematology with the presence of researchers from both institutions to present and discuss projects and to encourage the participation of new students and researchers. This workshop relies on the support of the Hemocentro RP and the Center for Cell-based Therapy of FAPESP.