Treatment of patients with graft-versus-host disease, in the setting of haploidentical allogeneic HSCT, with allogeneic bone marrow-mesenchymal stromal cells infusions

From June 2013-May 2014, four patients with graft-versus-host disease in the setting of haploidentical allogeneic HSCT were treated with infusions of bone marrow derived-MSCs. The MSCs were isolated from bone marrow of non-related donors and expanded in flasks in GMP conditions until the third passage. Quality controls tests, potency evaluation and lot validation were performed, and the cells were infused in the patients by the physicians specialized in hemotherapy. Each patient received 2-4 infusions of MCSs (dose containing 2 x106/Kg). The intravenous infusion of MSCs were safe Initial results were clinically promising, especially of the GVHD affecting the intestine and liver.

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