Kamilla Swiech


Kamilla Swiech
Professor of Industrial Biotechnological Processes, FCFRP/USP
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1996-2001 Graduated in Chemical Engineering, State University of Maringá, Brazil
2001-2003 Master Thesis in Biochemical processes, Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of São Carlos
2003-2007 PhD in Biochemical Processes, Departament of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of São Carlos
2008-2011 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto, Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo

Research Interests  

Recombinant Protein Production
Human cell lines
Stem cell expansion

Research Overview  

Our group is focused on the development of bioprocess for recombinant protein production in bioreactors using human cell lines. The research team has succeeded in developing a process for bioreactor production and purification of recombinant factor VIII based on human hepatic cell line and lentiviral vector. In addition, we are also focused on the development of robust, scalable and cGMP-compliant process for large scale stem cell expansion. Specifically, we are expanding human mesenchymal stem cells on microcarriers and spinner flasks and also investigating bioreactor types for clinical-grade stem cell expansion.

Lab Staff  

Mário Soares de Abreu Neto, Master Degree, Process Technician
Amanda Mizukami PhD student
Rafael Tagé Biaggio Master student
Robson Luiz Ferraz do Amaral Undergraduate, Scientific Initiation
Gustavo Manella Lucio Undergraduate, Scientific Initiation


Claudio Alberto Torres Suazo, PhD
Federal University of São Carlos
Department of Chemical Engineering

Elisabeth de Fátima Pires Augusto, PhD
Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo – IPT
Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory

International Collaborators  

Amine Kamen, PhD
Group Leader, Animal Cell Technology Biotechnology Research Institute – NRC
Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal and Université Laval

Facilities Coordination  


Selected Publications  

1. Swiech, kamilla; Kamen, Amine; Ansorge, Sven; Durocher, Yves; Picanço-Castro, Virgínia; Russo-Carbolante, Elisa ; Neto, Mário S.A.; Covas, Dimas Tadeu. Transient Transfection of Serum-Free Suspension HEK 293 Cell Culture for Efficient Production of Human rFVIII. BMC Biotechnology, 2011: 11, 114.
2. Fernandes, A. C. ; Fontes, A. M. ; Gonsales, N. R. ; Swiech, K. ; Picanço-Castro, Virgínia ; Faca, S. ; Covas, D.T. Stable and high-level production of recombinant Factor IX in human hepatic cell line. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 2011:4, 243-9.
3. Swiech, Kamilla; Rossi Nickeli; Astray Renato M. e Suazo, Claudio A.T.. Enhanced production of recombinant rabies virus glycoprotein (rRVGP) by Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells through control of culture conditions. Cytotechnology v. 57, p.67-72.
4. Swiech, Kamilla; Rossi Nickeli; Silva, Bruna G.; Jorge, Soraia A.C.; Astray Renato M. e Suazo, Claudio A.T.. Bioreactor culture of recombinant Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells: characterization of metabolic features related to cell growth and production of the rabies virus glycoprotein. Cytotechnology v.57, p. 61-66, 2008.
5. Swiech, Kamilla; Silva, Clóvis S.; Arantes, Mabel K.; Yokomizo, Adriana Y.; Astray, Renato M.; Pereira, Carlos A.; Suazo, Cláudio A.T. Characterization of growth and metabolism of Drosophila Melanogaster cells transfected with the rabies virus glycoprotein gene. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, v.49, p. 41-49, 2008.
6. Swiech, Kamilla; Silva, Gracinda M. C.; Zangirolami, Teresa C.; Iemma, Mônica R. C.; Selistre-de-Araújo, Heloísa S.; Suazo, Cláudio A. T.. Evaluating kinetic and physiological features of rCHO-K1 cells cultured on microcarriers for production of a recombinant metalloprotease/disintegrin. Eletronical Journal of Biotechnology, v.10, n. 2, 11 páginas, 2007.
7. RAFFOUL, Tássia; SWIECH, Kamilla; ARANTES, Mabel Karina; SOUZA, Alvaro Paiva Braga de; MENDONÇA, Ronaldo Zucatelli; PEREIRA, Carlos Augusto; SUAZO, Cláudio A T. Performance evaluation of CHO-K1 cell in culture medium supplemented with hemolymph. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, v. 48, p. 85-95, 2005.

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