CTC Seminars

April 10 2015, Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Zago


May 14 2015, Microenvironment and tumor progression. The role of tumor associated macrophage – Prof. Dr. Eduardo Magalhães Rego

June 09 2015, Niche of totipotency and epigenetic repercussions – Prof. Dr. Flávio Vieira Meirelles

August 11 2015, Capturing the Brazilian genetic diversity in hiPSCs: an in vitro clinical assay tool – Prof. Dr. Lygia da Veiga Pereira

October 22 2015, Lymphoproliferative diseases of large granular lymphocytes – Prof. Dr. Roberto Passetto Falcão

December 07 2015, Genomic analysis in search of tumor progression biomarkers and metastasis – Prof. Dr. Wilson Araújo da Silva Junior

September 13 2016, Biology of telomeres and their dysfunction in human diseases – Prof. Dr. Rodrigo do Tocantins Calado


October 14 2016, The origins of cell Biology at the Rockefeller Institute (1945-1965) – Prof. Dr. Lewis Joel Greene


August 18 2016, Joint Seminars: Single Cell Genomics – Center for Cell-based Therapy, Center for Genomic Medicine, and Center for Integrated Systemic Biology


August 21 2017, BMT-driven Cell Therapy (CART-T cells, cytotoxic T cells for virus, NK cells, Tregs) – Dr. Simrit Parmar


August 09 2017, Conference Research on Stem Cells in Brazil: present scenario and perspectives – Prof. Dr. Lygia da Veiga Pereira


August 25 2017, Cell Therapy Seminar in Diabetis Mellitus: Where are we? – Prof. Dr. Maria C. de Oliveira Rodrigues and Dr. Carlos Eduardo Barra Couri


October 27 2017, DNA repair genes: functions in the maintenance of tumor cell genomic stability and cancer progression – Prof. Dr. Valéria Valente


February 23 2018, Major results achieved in the last five years of CTC – Dr. Rodrigo Alexandre Panepucci



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