Maria Angelica Miglino


Maria Angelica Miglino
Full Professor at Department of Surgery, FMVZ/USP
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1973-1977 Graduated in Veterinary Medicine, Júlio de Mesquita Filho State University, Jaboticabal, Brazil
1979-1982 Master Thesis in Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of São Paulo
1982-1985 PhD in Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of São Paulo
1994-1995 Postdoctoral, Department of Anatomy at Università La Sapienza, Istituto di Anatomia Umana Normale, Rome, Italy
1995-1996 Postdoctoral, Department of Anatomy in Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, USA 

Research Interests  

Placenta and Placentation
Animal Reproduction
Stem Cells 

Research Overview   Recently, the major focus of our group is to describe and understand the comparative aspects of the placenta and placentation in domestic and wild animals. In addition, we have studied the particular characteristics of the gestation in South America wild animals with focus on aspects at maternal and fetal inter relationship and on vascular development like micro-architecture. Other point is related to the morphology and reproduction interaction between male and female, wild animal reproductive system, with focus on endangered species. In addition, we have spent particular attention on stem cell morphology with new trends in transplantation in animals and human. 
Lab Staff  

Molecular and Stem Cells Group
Paula Fratini, Post-Doc/FAPESP
Patricia BB Braga Researcher
Graciela Pignatari Post-Doc/FAPESP

Morphology Group
André Luiz Resende Franciolli, PhD student/FAPESP
Phelipe Oliveira Favaron, PhD student/FAPESP
Rafael Cardoso, PhD student/FAPESP
Erika Fonseca, PhD student/FAPESP
Carlos Alberto Sarmento, PhD student/FAPESP
Dayane Alcântara, PhD student/FAPESP


Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio, PhD
Universidade de São Paulo
Departamento de Morfologia

Felipe Perecin, PhD
Universidade de São Paulo
Laboratório de Reprodução Animal

Luciano Andrade Silva, PhD
Universidade de São Paulo
Laboratório de Reprodução Animal

Flávio Meirelles, PhD
Universidade de São Paulo
Laboratório de Reprodução Animal

Andrea Maria Mess, PhD
Universidade de São Paulo
Departamento de Morfologia 

International Collaborators  

Anthony Carter, PhD
Cardiovascular and Renal Research,
Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark,
Odense, Denmark 

Facilities Coordination    
Selected Publications  

1. OLIVEIRA, Moacir F de ; FAVARON, P. O. ; AMBROSIO, C. E. ; MIGLINO, M. A. ; MESS, A . Chorioallantoic and Yolk sac placentation in Thrichomys laurentinus (Echimyidae) and the Evolution of Histricognath Rodents. Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part B, Molecular and Developmental Evolution, v. 318, p. 13-25, 2012.
2. WATANABE, I. ; Guimarães, J. P. ; Maia, M. O. ; SANTOS, T. C. ; Kfoury Jr, J. R. ; BOLETA, S. A. ; Almeida, S. R. Y. ; Righeti, M. M. ; MIGLINO, M. A. . SEM and Neurohistological Observations of Nerve Endings in the Middle Region of the Tongue of the Collared Peccary (Tayassu tajacu): A Silver Impregnation Method. Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia, v. 40, p. 128-133, 2011.
3. Carlesso Santos, Tatiana ; Yuri Fukuda, Katia ; Plácido Guimarães, Juliana ; Franco Oliveira, Moacir ; Angelica Miglino, Maria ; Watanabe, li-Sei ; Miglino, Maria Angélica . Light and Scanning Electron Microcopy Study of the Tongue in. Zoological Science (Cessou em 2003), v. 28, p. 41-46, 2011.
4. Barreto, R.S.N. ; Bressan, F.F. ; Oliveira, L.J. ; Pereira, F.T.V. ; Perecin, F. ; AMBRÓSIO, C.e. ; Meirelles, F.V. ; Miglino, M.A. ; MIGLINO, M. A. . Gene expression in placentation of farm animals: An overview of gene function during development. Theriogenology, p. 589-597, 2011.
5. Peres Ferraz de Melo, A. ; de Souza, W. Machado ; Rodrigues, R. Felipe ; Alves, F. Ribeiro ; Rici, R. Eli Graci ; Guerra, R. Romão ; Favaron, P. Oliveira ; Miglino, M. Angélica ; Di Dio, L. John Aphonso ; MIGLINO, M. A. . Anatomical Description of Arterial Segments of the Spleen of Deer. Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia, p. no-no, 2011.
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9. FLAMINI, M. ; PORTIANSKY, E. L. ; FAVARON, P. O. ; MARTINS, D. S. ; AMBROSIO, C. E. ; Andrea Mess ; MIGLINO, M. A. ; BARBEITO, C. G. . Chorioallantoic and yolk sac placentation in the plains viscacha (Lagostomus maximus) – A caviomorph rodent with natural polyovulation. Placenta (Eastbourne), v. 32, p. 963-968, 2011.
10. GAIAD, T. P. ; SILVA, M. ; G.C.A. Silva ; Caromano, F.A. ; MIGLINO, M. A. ; AMBROSIO, C. E. . Physical therapy assessment tools to evaluate disease progression and phenotype variability in Golden Retriever muscular dystrophy. Research in Veterinary Science, v. 1, p. 1-6, 2011.
11. FAVARON, P. O. ; CARTER, A ; AMBROSIO, C. E. ; AC, M. ; MESS, A ; F, Oliveira M ; MIGLINO, M. A. . Placentation in sigmodontinae: a rodent taxon native to South America. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, v. 9, p. 55, 2011.
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