Hemocentro TV

On September 2011, Hemocentro TV was created, a WEBTV (Corporative) that works as a tool for professional qualification and scientific communication. The information is broadcasted live and stored for later consult available at a TV schedule with alternative time or on demand. Hemocentro TV produces educational videos that cover different themes linked to Sciences to become available creating a dissemination channel among researchers, health professionals, and especially teachers and students.

On December 2011, an agreement was signed between the General Coordination of Blood and Blood Derivates of the Ministry of Health and the Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto (Agreement 761672/2011), for the production of educational material related to the Hematology, Hemotherapy, and Transfusional Medicine areas, including video classes for distance learning courses, videos and reports with the objective of qualifying and training professionals from the Hemorrede Pública Nacional who work in the mentioned areas.


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