The concern of the Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto for education extends beyond the Center’s excellence in blood services and healthcare, therefore the Blood Center went a step further in Human Resources training and created CEDUC (Center of Education).

As a whole, CEDUC was designed to offer Post-graduation programs and courses in the service areas of the Regional Blood Center. The main objectives of CEDUC are:

I – Specializing professionals to effectively promote healthcare regionally and nationally;

II – Encouraging innovative activity, researches, scientific investigation, intellectual production, knowledge transfer and generation, knowledge dissemination, cooperative work with private and public institution, and interaction with society;

III – Facilitating academic exchange and technical and scientific cooperation with national and international public or private institutions;

IV – Promoting our staff qualification and expertise.


The physical structure of CEDUC consists of:

Five classrooms – with a total capacity of 240 seats, air conditioned and equipped with interactive multimedia projectors, Wi-fi internet access for professors and students, and support for the use of personal computers;

Two amphitheaters (173 seats and 40 seats) – air conditioned and equipped with a multimedia system;

Research and Teaching Laboratory (34 m2) – equipped with infrastructure for research in molecular and cell biology avaiable for the development of introductory projects by teachers and students for basic education;

House of Science – area designed for educational activities, equipped with printers, a plotter, scanner, DVD, VCR, video cameras, cameras, multimedia projectors, television sets, microscope, electronic chart, sound equipment, notebook, and refrigerator;

MuLEC – unit consisting of areas designed for educational activities, located in a property of the University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto Campus. It counts on computer and audiovisual equipment and also laboratory equipment such as microscopes and refrigerators, among others;

Celularium – inflatable 22 m2 dome with a fulldome digital technology projector, used to exhibit a movie which stimulates the perspective of the public for the cellular universe. The movie, exhibited in 360º, simulates a trip inside the components of an animal cell. Conceived by the researchers of the Center for Cell-based Therapy, the exhibition invites the visitor to dive into one of the selective channels of the membrane up to the cytoplasm, going through organelles and nucleus, and participating in the arrest of extracellular particles by the lysosome.

Library – a unit of the Blood Center, it counts with a collection of 2,000 books, 4,000 journals and magazines, 19 reference works (printed and CD-ROM), theses, dissertations and monographs, guides, 9 electronic submissions, 3 journal submissions, annals and collection of the scientific production of the faculty, among others. The library collection covers the following fields: Medicine, Biology, Hemotherapy, Hematology, Genetics, Immunology, Technology, and Quality Management.