Professional Master’s Degree

The Postgraduate Program, Professional Master’s Degree, on the Hematology and Biotechnology areas, approved by USP in 2011, aims at training professionals with leadership through consistent academic content, to be able to achieve prominent positions and to coordinate teams in their areas of expertise, acquiring new concepts and technologies, with innovative attitude and skills to overcome challenges to improve the quality of life of the society.
Thus, this Course has the objective to train professionals with important scientific and technical knowledge in order to acquire critical thinking to identify problems and creativity to solve them, to be able to plan, develop projects, supervise and manage teams, as well as to disseminate knowledge.
Considering this proposal, the General Coordination of Blood and Blood Derivatives of the Ministry of Health, has approved to train in 2012, 40 professionals of the Hemorrede Nacional, through an Agreement 752346/2010, between the Coordination and the Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto.