Workshop Ministry of Health and Redsang

In 1999, the Regional Blood Center became the first blood bank of the country to have all the operations certified by the standard ISO 9000 of International Organization for Standardization.

In 2006, the Blood Center decided to expand the quality program specific on the Hemotherapy area, through AABB – American Association of Blood Center accreditation which gathers high patterns of medical, technical, and administrative performance, clinical investigation and education, encouraging the voluntary blood donation, other tissues and organs.

After analysis performed by the Programa Nacional de Qualificação da Hemorrede – PNQH, it was established the Qualification of Public Services of Hemotherapy and Hematology as the main guideline for the management program between 2008/2010. Thus, in 2009 the Regional Blood Center started a project to organize workshops whose objectives are the training and updating of professionals of Hemorrede as a constant effort to enhance the quality and safety of tests and products offered to patients from the Unified Health System (SUS), focusing on quality control and quality management.

Recently, a new agreement established with the Ministry of Health, will enable the Blood Center, in partnership with the American Association of Blood Banks and the Brazilian Association of Hematology and Hemotherapy, to develop and establish accreditation in five hemotherapy and hematology centers. The investment, R$1.200.000,00, will make possible the training and updating of the centers concerning the issues related to the good practices in hemotherapy and quality management to enhance the levels of transfusional safety in the country.