Elisa Maria de Sousa Russo Carbolante


Elisa Maria de Sousa Russo Carbolante
Professor at FCFRP/USP
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1988-1991 Graduated in Pharmacy, University of São Paulo, Brazil
1996-1998 Master Thesis in Biochemistry, Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo
1998-2002 PhD in Biochemistry, Medical School of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo
2003-2006 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo

Research Interests  

Recombinant Protein
Genetic modification of cells

Research Overview   Our group has two main focuses which are the expression of recombinant proteins and the reprogramming of cells. The proteins are expressed in our laboratory to be used as therapeutic drugs (FVIII and FIX), in diagnostic tests (HIV and HTLV) and also to reprogram cells (oct4, sox2, KLF4).  We have reprogrammed fibroblasts to iPS cells using the genetic modification approach employing a combination of transcription factors, delivered by lentivirus, different from the classic one (OSKM). Now we are interested in reprogram the cells without the genetic modification and for this purpose we are going to use the direct modification of cells (from fibroblasts to hematopoietic cells) and also we are expressing the transcription factors involved in the manutence of pluripotency to reprogram the cells using these proteins. 
Lab Staff  

Recombinant, Protein Group
Aline Bomfim, Post graduation Student
Ana Paula de Pontes, Post graduation Student
Florencia Tellechea, Post graduation Student

Cell Modification Group
Luiza Cunha Junqueira Reis, Post graduation Student
Fillipe Luiza Rosa, Post graduation Student
Virgínia Picanço Castro, phD


Angelo A Cardoso, PhD
Universidade de Purdue-Indiana, EUA

Lygia Veiga Pereira
Instituto de Biociências – USP

Flávio Meirelles
FMVZ – USP, Pirassununga

International Collaborators    
Facilities Coordination    
Selected Publications  

1. BRESSAN, F.F. ; Miranda, M ; Perecin, F ; BEM, T. H. C. ; PEREIRA, F. T. V. ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; Alves, DCC ; Strauss, B ; Bajgelma, M ; Krieger, JE ; Binelli, M ; Meirelles FV . Improved production of genetically modified fetuses with homogeneous transgene expression after transgene integration site analyses and recloning in catle. Cellular Reprogramming, v. 13, p. 29-36, 2011.
2. SWIECH, K. ; Kamen, A ; Ansorge, S ; Durocher, Y ; Picanço-Castro, Virgínia ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; COVAS, D. T. . Transient transfection of serum-free suspension HEK 293. BMC Biotechnology (Online), v. 11, p. 114, 2011.
3. Picanço-Castro, Virginia ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; Reis, Luiza Junqueira; Fraga, Ana Maria ; Orellana, MD ; ORELLANA md ; Pereira, Lygia Veiga ; Covas, Dimas Tadeu . Pluripotent reprogramming of fibroblasts by lentiviral-mediated insertion of SOX2, C-MYC and TCL-1A. Stem Cells and Development, v. 20, p. 169-180, 2011.
4. Russo-Carbolante, Elisa Maria ; Picanço-Castro, Virgínia ; Alves, Daiani Cristina Cilão ; Fernandes, Andrielle Castilho ; Almeida-Porada, Graça ; Tonn, Torsten ; Covas, Dimas Tadeu . Integration pattern of HIV-1 based lentiviral vector carrying recombinant coagulation factor VIII in Sk-Hep and 293T cells. Biotechnology Letters, v.33, p. 23-31, 2010.
5. Picanço-Castro, V ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; FONTES, A. M. ; Fernandes, AC ; COVAS, D. T. . An enhancer/promoter combination strengthens the expession of blood-coagulation factor VIII in non-viral expression vectors. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 7, p. 314-325, 2008.
6. Picanço-Castro, V ; FONTES, A. M. ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; COVAS, D. T. . Lentiviral-mediated gene transfer – a patent review. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, v. 18, p. 1-15, 2008.
7. RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; PENTEADO, F. L. ; MEDEIROS, L. ; KASHIMA, S. ; TAKAYANAGUI, O ; COVAS, D. T. . Cloning and expression of the transmembranic glycoprotein from human T cell lymphotropic virus in a prokaryotic system. Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, v. 40, p. 277-81, 2007.
8. LUCISANO-VALIM, Y. M. ; KABEYA, L. M. ; KANASHIRO, A. ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS ; POLIZELLO, A. C. M. ; AZZOLINI, A. E. C. S. ; SILVA, S. C. ; LOPES, J. L. C. ; OLIVEIRA, C. A. ; MANTOVANI, B. . A simple method to study the activity of natural compounds on the chemiluminescence of neutrophils upon stimulation by immune complexes. J Pharmacol and toxicol methods, v. 47, p. 53-58, 2002.
9. Picanço-Castro, Virginia ; RUSSO-CARBOLANTE, EMS . Reprogramming of Human Fibroblasts into Pluripotent cells: Role of lentiviral mediated transcription factors. In: M.A. Hayat. (Org.). Series Stem Cells and Cancer Stem cells. Vol 5 Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury. : Springer, 2011, v. 5, p. -.

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