Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio


Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio
Associated Professor of Animal Anatomy, FZEA/USP 


1994-1999 Graduated in Veterinary Medicine , FAMVOB, São João da Boa Vista Brazil
2000-2001 Master Thesis in Vet Anatomy Genetics, Vet School and Animal Science at São Paulo University
2001-2004 PhD in Vet Anatomy, Vet School and Animal Science at São Paulo University
2005-2007 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center of Human Genome, São Paulo University 

Research Interests  

Animal morphology
Stem cells
Pre clinical trials
Genetics and acquire diseases in animal models 

Research Overview   The focus of our group is to use animal models in different genetics and acquired disease. We also investigate different stem cells types from animals. Another point is to understand animal biology of reproduction and their production during pregnancy and after birth. 
Lab Staff  
International Collaborators    
Facilities Coordination   Were used facilities from Prof. Maria Angelica Miglino and Prof. Flávio Vieira Meirelles. But pre clinical trials experiments are able to done under my FZEA facilities. 
Selected Publications  

1. MARTINS, Daniele dos Santos ; AMBRÓSIO, C. E. ; SARAIVA, N. Z. ; WENCESLAU, C. V. ; MORINI, Adriana Caroprezo ; KERKIS, I. ; GARCIA, Joaquim Mansano ; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica . Early Development and Putative Primordial Germ Cells Characterization in Dogs. Reproduction in Domestic Animals (1990), v. 46, p. e62-e66, 2011
2. GAIAD, T. P. ; SILVA, G. C. A. ; Silva M.B. ; CAROMANO, F. A. ; MIGLINO, Maria Angelica ; AMBRÓSIO, C. E. . Physical therapy assessment tools to evaluate disease progression and phenotype variability in Golden Retriever muscular dystrophy. Research in Veterinary Science, v. 91, p. 188-193, 2011
3. Franciolli A. L. R. ; CORDEIRO, B. M. ; Fonseca E. T. ; Rodrigues M.N. ; SARMENTO CAP ; AMBRÓSIO, C. E. ; CARVALHO, Ana Flávia de ; MIGLINO, Maria Angelica ; SILVA, L. A. . Characteristics of the Equine Embryo and Fetus from Days 15 to 107 of Pregnancy. Theriogenology, v. 76, p. 819-832, 2011.
4. Fadel, Leandro ; Viana, Brunno Rosa ; Feitosa, Matheus Levi Tajra ; Ercolin, Anna Caroline Mazeto ; Roballo, Kelly Cristine Santos ; Casals, Juliana Barbosa ; Pieri, Naira Caroline Godoy ; MEIRELLES, Flávio Vieira ; MARTINS, Daniele dos Santos ; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica ; AMBRÓSIO, Carlos Eduardo . Protocols for obtainment and isolation of two mesenchymal stem cell sources in sheep. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira (Online), v. 26, p. 267-273, 2011.
5. Pessolato, Alicia Greyce Turatti ; MARTINS, Daniele dos Santos ; AMBRÓSIO, Carlos Eduardo ; Mançanares, Celina Almeida Furlanetto ; de Carvalho, Ana Flávia . Propolis and amnion reepithelialise second-degree burns in rats. Burns (Oxford), v. 37, p. 1192-1201, 2011.
6. Cabral, Rosa Maria ; Ferraz, Maíra S. ; Rizzo, Márcia dos S. ; Sousa, Francisco Das Chagas A. ; Rodrigues, Nirnheila M. ; Ibiapina, Pollyanna B. ; Ambrósio, Carlos E. ; De Carvalho, Maria Acelina M. . Kidney injury and cell therapy: Preclinical study. Microscopy Research and Technique (Print), in press, 2012.
5. Feitosa, Matheus Levi Tajra ; Fadel, Leandro ; Beltrão-Braga, Patrícia Cristina Baleeiro ; Wenceslau, Cristiane Valverde ; Kerkis, Irina ; Kerkis, Alexandre ; Birgel Júnior, Eduardo Harry ; MARTINS, João Flávio Panattoni ; MARTINS, Daniele dos Santos ; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica ; AMBRÓSIO, Carlos Eduardo . Successful transplant of mesenchymal stem cells in induced osteonecrosis of the ovine femoral head: preliminary results. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira (Impresso), v. 25, p. 416-422, 2010
6. Wenceslau, Cristiane Valverde ; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica ; Martins, Daniele Santos ; AMBRÓSIO, Carlos Eduardo ; Lizier, Nelson Foresto ; Pignatari, Graciela Conceição ; Kerkis, Irina . Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells from Canine Fetal Tissues: Yolk Sac, Liver, and Bone Marrow. Tissue Engineering Part A, v. 17, p. 2165-2176, 2011.
7. Oliveira, M. F. ; FAVARON, P. O. ; AMBRÓSIO, C. E. ; FAVARON, P. O. ; MIGLINO, M. A. ; Mess, A. . Chorioallantoic and Yolk Sac Placentation in Thrichomys laurentinus (Echimyidae) and the Evolution of Hystricognath Rodents. Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part B, Molecular and Developmental Evolution (Online), v. 314B, p. 21428, 2011.
8. Zucconi, Eder ; Vieira, Natassia M. ; Bueno, Daniela F. ; Secco, Mariane ; Jazedje, Tatiana ; Ambrosio, Carlos E. ; Passos-Bueno, Maria Rita ; MIGLINO, Maria Angelica ; Zatz, Mayana . Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived From Canine Umbilical Cord Vein A Novel Source for Cell Therapy Studies. Stem Cells and Development, v. 19, p. 395-402, 2010.
9. AMBRÓSIO, C. E. ; FADEL, L. ; GAIAD, T. P. ; MARTINS, Daniele dos Santos ; Araújo K.P.C. ; ZUCCONI, E. ; BROLIO, M. P. ; GIGLIO, R. F. ; MORINI, Adriana Caroprezo ; Santos, Tatiana C. ; JAZEDJE, T. ; FROES, T. R. ; Feitosa M. L. T ; Valadares M ; Beltrão-Braga P.C.B. ; MEIRELLES FV ; MIGLINO, Maria Angelica . Identification of three distinguishable phenotypes in golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD). Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 8, p. 389-396, 2009.
10. Bressan F.F. ; Perecin F. ; Lopes F.L. ; AMBRÓSIO, C. E. ; MEIRELLES FV ; MIGLINO, Maria Angelica . Unearthing the Roles of Imprinted Genes in the Placenta. Placenta (Eastbourne), v. 30, p. 823-834, 2009. 

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